Beef Breakdown: What will I get if I order a half or whole beef?

Purchasing a whole or half beef is a big investment, so you need to know exactly what you are getting. I am going to explain how the process works so that you can know if purchasing a beef is right for you and your family.

What am I buying?

You are buying the animal and we are taking it to the processing facility for you. You can decide how much meat you want and which cuts you would like to have. The butcher we use is excellent. He has decades of experience and knows how to get the best cuts of meat. When you pick up your beef it will be packaged in clear plastic packaging, vacuum sealed, labeled and frozen.

How am I charged?

You will pay for the hanging weight of the animal plus processing fees. To better understand the difference between live weight, hanging weight and box weight check out the our fact sheet know your weight.

 What will I get?

When you purchase a whole or half beef, there is a lose around 27% to 32% from hanging weight to boxed weight. Hanging weight of a whole beef weighting 450 lbs. will yield about 315 lbs. of boxed meat. The exact amount will depend on how large the animal was and which cuts you choose. The hanging weight of a half beef weighing 275 lbs. will yield on average 198 lbs. boxed meat. You will get all the same cuts as you can get on a whole beef.

Here is a list of the cuts of meat that you can get.

Ground Beef, Ribeye Steaks, T-Bone Steaks, Sirloin Steaks, Porterhouse Steaks, Fillets, Strip Steaks, Roasts, Brisket, Short Ribs, Round Steak, Soup Bones, Ox Tail, Tongue, Heart, Liver

 How much freezer space do I need?

A whole beef will take up about 18 cubic feet of freezer space. You can get it in a slightly smaller space if you are good at stacking and organizing. A 10 cubic foot freezer will easily hold a half beef. In both cases, you will have extra room to store other items.

Buying beef in bulk is something that many people love to do. It will save you a great deal of time and money in the long run. As always, reach out if you have any questions. We are happy to talk with you and help you decided if this purchase is right for you.

Remember that the beef we sell is organic and has never had growth hormones or antibiotics. The cattle are raised on our farm and you will only receive the meat from one animal. This is important to us because we are not going to feed our family imported beef or anything that has had artificial hormones.