Our Products – Organic and free of antibiotics and hormones

What we feed our family is very important to us. We want only the highest quality meats & milk to help keep our family healthy and strong. Our animals are treated with the highest quality of care and are fed feeds that meet organic standards, free of growth hormones and antibiotics.

How we raise our animals:
During the spring, summer and early fall our animals spend their days munching away on fresh grass. Every 12 hours they are moved to a new section of fresh pasture.

As winter draws near, animals transition into our loose housing facility. This allows free movement from stall to feed bunk where they receive their winter feed harvested from our land.

Products we sell to the public:
Now you can enjoy the same quality and taste our family and neighbors have come to love.

Jersey Beef Crosses produce an Awesome Product

BEEF: We sell wholes, halves and individual cuts.  See Beef Breakdown for a better understanding of what you will get purchasing a whole or half.

PORK: We sell wholes, halves and individual cuts. Reserve your freezer pork  by calling us at 207 437 2441 or e-mail us. Our pigs are raised on organic milk, grain, garden vegetables and fresh grass.  Pigs are typically available in late October.

EGGS: Free range. Pick up at the farm.  Come by chance or better give us a call.

Call or email us for our current price list: 207 437 2441 or e-mail us