There is nothing like digging in and getting your hands dirty to bring education to life! At Hart-to-Hart Farm we strive to do exactly that by providing your class or group an unforgettable farm experience.

We offer dynamic, hands-on education about the food we eat, the animals and plants we depend on, and the relationship to the environment around us.

Our programs are designed to:

• Educate students about local natural history and agriculture

• Inspire students to become active stewards of land and resources

• Connect students to forests, fields, livestock and land

• Facilitate a meaningful hands-on experience

• Create a positive experience emphasizing fun and learning

• Integrate State of Maine science and social studies standards

Our programs can be tailored or adjusted to meet your classroom or groups needs. If you have any questions or desire to custom design a program based on a topic/interest, don’t hesitate to call.

Programs are 1.5 which includes access to our picnic area and wash station. There is a $8 for each student. Teachers are admitted free.


Spring on the farm (May & June):

Come see the farm spring to life. Meet our new baby calves, chickens and other babies born in the spring. Meet our organic dairy heard and learn about dairy farming as Organic Valley producers.

Groups travel through a variety of stations to enhance their farm experience. Typically stations include: milking the cow, visiting the milking barn, sheep /goat station, chicken station and garden station. Small groups allow for a personal interaction between the educator and animal.


Pond Life:

Join us at the pond to discover how animals and plants have adapted to life in the pond ecosystem. Through hands-on exploration with nets, cups, and buckets, we will catch, release and identify pond organisms.

Summer Camps on a Maine Farm